Dear Students,

You are receiving this email to inform you of the class registration schedule and procedure for the upcoming Fall 2017 trimester. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

Registration Procedures

Procedures for registration have been changed. In order to register for classes at SVU, please follow these instructions.

•Students must go to the Student Office to make their first tuition payment $1,600 and $206.18 insurance premium from 11AM to 6PM.

•Submit any pending official/notarized documents to SVU Student Office and clear all holds.

•Students will receive a Registration Record. It contains a QR Code, a token ID.

•On the day of registration, please bring with your Registration Record to Academic Service Office (Room 117).

•Academic Advisors in the office will assist you in all class registration.

•Written authorization in the form of a printed, signed letter and Student ID card must be presented if requesting the registration record by another person.


F1 students are required to be enrolled in courses full-time at all time.

•Students in the graduate programs are expected to be registered for a minimum of nine credit units per trimester.

•Students in the undergraduate programs are expected to be registered for a minimum of twelve credit units per trimester.

Students graduating in Fall-2017 trimester and register under full course load in the Fall trimester, you must first complete Reduced Course Load Petition Form in Academic Service Office when you are registering the class.

Failure to do so will affect your I-20 Status and your petition will be denied. 

Concurrent enrollment in the ESL classes at SVU with your regular degree courses is mandatory if you have not met the requirement of English proficiency. 

Registration Schedule

Requesting Registration Record (July 31st – August 5th)

Requesting Registration Record for the Fall 2017 trimester will be held from July 31st– August 12thin Student Office.


Pre-Registration (August 8th – August 12th)

•Class Pre-Registration will be held from August 8thtoAugust 12th2017, 12:00PM to 6:00PM for all the students.

•Add/Drop courses are not allowed during this period.

*******Any registration August 12th, 2017students must pay an additional $75 fee for late registration******

Add/Drop Classes (September 5th–September 16th)

Students must follow these procedures when Adding or Dropping classes:

•Any Add/Drop must meet with Academic Advisor.

•Students must bring with Registration Record to Academic Service Office (Room 117) for Add/Drop.

•Any Add/Drop courses after September 16thwill be charged $50 (and new Registration Record must be requested).


•The course dropped within the first 3 weeks (September 23rd) will not be shown on the Grade Report.

•A Student who withdraws from a course from Week 4 (September 23rd) to Week 7 (October 21st) of that course will receive a “W” (Withdraw).

•After the seventh week, withdrawal incurs a “WF” (Withdraw with Fail) grade.

**************** NO Add/Drop will be allowed after September 23rd, 2017 *****************


•$206.18is the insurance premium.

•Will provide coverage from September 1st 2017 toDecember 31st2017.

•Insurance Waiver

For students holding comparable coverage may be eligible to waive the enrollment in the SVU insurance plan.

•Your own health insurance must cover at least from September 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017.

•You need to submit the Health Insurance Waiver Form and the proof of health insurance coverage to Student Office.

•Waiver request may take up to 3-5 business to be processed. You will NOT receive the Registration Record until the waiver request has been processed.



If tuition is not paid off by September 10th, 2017, students must pay a $100-dollar penalty in addition to their tuition fees.

If tuition is not paid off by November 26th, 2017, students must pay a $200-dollar penalty in addition to their tuition fees.



WF Grade


 If tuition is not paid off by November 26th, 2017, online portal will be blocked and all registered courses will be assigned a WF Grade

Again, please pay careful attention to these instructions. If you have any questions, please ask the SVU Student Office. Failure to follow these instructions may result in dropped classes, additional penalty fees, or cancellation of your I-20. Thank you and have a good day!