To  All New Students,

When entering the U.S., please make sure to bring with you all of the following ORIGINAL documentation:

  • Passport and Visa
  • Initial I-20 from SVU
  • Admission package
  • Financial supportive documents
  • Official transcript and certificates

To All Current Students,

When returning to the U.S., please remember to bring with you all of the following ORIGINAL documentation:

  • Passport and Visa
  • Traveling I-20 from SVU
  • Official transcript that proves your enrollment at SVU
  • Travel document issued by SVU as needed
  • Other supporting documents like a medical note when traveling due to health reason

Due to the fact that there were some new SVU students being removed or deported back to India because they were not able to answer the questions adequately to the satisfaction of the inspectors at the port of entry, there were rumors reported by the media in India stating that SVU is being targeted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  In reality, CBP is just implementing stricter screening security measures, which are not specific to SVU students, but to all international students entering the U.S.  International students must understand that F-1 VISA can only be used for studying in the U.S. and cannot be used for any other purpose.  In addition, international students must have the supporting financial documentation to prove that they have sufficient money to pay for their tuitions and living expenses.  If for any reason, students fail to provide legitimate proof or correct answers to immigration officials, entries at the airport will be virtually impossible or made a lot more difficult.

At SVU, F-1 students are required to attend classes full-time.   Physical attendance is mandatory and it is clearly stated in our Student Handbook online.  Working off-campus without an approved Employment Authorization Document (EAD Card) on an F-1 VISA is NOT ALLOWED, illegal and is strictly prohibited.

Silicon Valley University welcomes students from all around the world, but students need to observe all legal requirements as listed below:

1.  No Employment in the U.S.:  Students cannot work in the U.S. without first getting authorization from the USCIS.

2.  No Immigrant Intent:  At the time of entry into the U.S., students must maintain a nonimmigrant intent to return to their home country after studies have been completed.

3.  Sufficient Financial Support:  Need to show sufficient financial ability to pay for education and living expenses while in the U.S. for studies.

4.  Must attend sponsoring institution:  At time of entry, students must be attending the sponsoring institution through which the visa was granted.

Immigration officers at the port of entry will be asking questions of students that probe into these requirements listed above as well as security-related or health-related questions.  We do not welcome those who intend to abuse their F-1 VISAs and have other intentions besides studying in our university.  For those students whose intentions are not to truly study in the U.S., please do not bother to apply for admission to our university.  It will be a waste of your time and money, create significant problems for our university, and affect the legitimate status of current SVU students.

For questions or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at

Best Regards,

SVU Administration