Master of Business Administration (MBA)


The MBA program covers the essential subjects in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Marketing. These subjects provide the foundations for effective business management. The MBA program provides the students solid training with additional emphasis on entrepreneurship and globalization due to its proximity to Silicon Valley’s vibrant startup culture and multinational corporations.

Graduate Level Requirements

Required credits:
The MBA program requires students to compete at least 36 credit hours of graduate courses from the following:

Core Courses 18 credits
Electives 18 credits

The details are shown in the table below.

Business Administration Core
18 credits
BA430 Financial Management 3 credits
BA442 Human Resource Management 3 credits
BA452 Operations Management 3 credits
BA500 Financial Accounting 3 credits
BA515 Enterprise Resource Planning 3 credits
BA585 Statistical Methods for Business Research 3 credits
Electives (Minimum 18 credits)

Students in the MBA program may take any 400 level or above courses as electives to meet the requirement. However, no more than four 400 level courses can count towards the minimum of 36 graduate credit hours for graduation.

Undergraduate Preparation 

Students who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration must demonstrate competency in the following areas:

6 credits
MATH210 Introduction to Probability Theory 3 credits
MATH212 Introduction to Statistical Methods 3 credits
Social Science
6 credits
ECON100 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics 3 credits
ECON200 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics 3 credits
Computer Science
4 credits
CS200 Introduction to Computer Science 4 credits
Business Administration
15 credits
BA300 Fundamentals of Accounting 4 credits
BA301 Intermediate Accounting I 4 credits
BA330 Introduction to Financial Management 3 credits
BA380 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Business 3 credits
BA410 Enterprise Information Systems 4 credits

Graduation Requirements

36/Credit Hours
  • 18 credit hours of MBA graduate level courses
  • 18 credit hours of MBA 400 level or above courses
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