Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (BBA)


The BBA program is designed to provide students the fundamentals of current business functions, management principles as well as modern information technology as applied in a real-world business environment.

Required credits:
The BBA program requires coursework in the following areas with a minimum of 128 credit hours in total:

Lower Division 58 credits
General Education 58 credits
Upper Division 70 credits
Core Course 56 credits
Electives 14 credits

All students must complete at least 58 credit hours in general education courses with at least 12 credit hours in Basic Subjects, 37 credit hours in Mathematics and Science Core, and 9 credit hours in Humanities and Communications.

Area A
Basic Subjects 12 credits
As a requirement of Area A, each student must complete:
ENGL100 English Composition
ENGL130 Fundamentals of Intercultural Communications
ENGL200 Critical Thinking
MATH110 Mathematical Analysis
Area B
Mathematics & Science Core 37 credits
As a requirement of Area B, each student must complete:
I. Mathematics 12 credits
MATH200 Calculus I
MATH202 Calculus II
MATH210 Introduction to Probability Theory
MATH212 Introduction to Statistical Methods
II. Natural Science 10 credits
CS200 Introduction to Computer Science
EN200 Energy and Environment
EN220 Introduction to Environmental Science
III. Social Science 15 credits
ECON100 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
ECON200 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
POLS100 U.S. History
POLS150 American Government
PSYCH100 General Psychology
Area C
Humanities and Communication 9 credits
As a requirement of Area C, each student must complete:
ENGL220 Technical Writing
ENGL230 Professional Communication I
ENGL232 Professional Communication II
Business Administration Core (Minimum 56 credit hours)
BA300 Fundamentals of Accounting 4 credits
BA301 Intermediate Accounting I 4 credits
BA302 Accounting for Management Decision Making 4 credits
BA320 Cash Management 3 credits
BA330 Introduction to Financial Management 3 credits
BA380 Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Business 3 credits
BA401 Intermediate Accounting II 4 credits
BA410 Enterprise Information Systems 4 credits
BA430 Financial Management 3 credits
BA431 Introduction to Corporate Finance 3 credits
BA432 Introduction to Investment Analysis 3 credits
BA433 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3 credits
BA440 Management Principles 3 credits
BA442 Human Resource Management 3 credits
BA452 Operations Management 3 credits
BA460 Marketing Management 3 credits
BA462 Consumer Behavior 3 credits
BA481 Business Law 3 credits
Electives (Minimum 14 credit hours)

The student must complete at least 14 credit hours of elective courses to meet the graduation requirements from both the lower-division 300 level courses and the upper-division 400 level courses curricula in a program.

Graduation Requirements

128/Credit Hours
  • 58 credit hours of general education courses
  • 56 credit hours of BA core courses
  • 14 credit hours of electives
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