Silicon Valley University Administration: July 2, 2019

Silicon Valley University (SVU) has undergone a change in administration, effective July 2, 2019. The President and Academic Dean of SVU is Dr. Jerry Shiao and the Associate Academic Dean is Simon Au. The administrative change will not affect SVU’s regular business process. During the next couple of months, there will be a transition period, where requests to SVU services might be delayed. Please refrain from calling SVU during this transition period. SVU business normally conducted through the SVU website,, will continue, i.e. transcript requests. If you have any requests or need any service, such as degree verification or RFE documents, please contact us through email at If there is a need to meet with SVU or pick-up documents, please come to the campus Monday to Friday, from 2 PM to 6 PM.

Under Dr. Shiao’s direction and leadership, SVU is in the process of re-instating BPPE institutional status and accreditation.


The primary mission of Silicon Valley University is to provide excellent educational programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to equip and prepare students with the right set of knowledge and skills for careers in the high-tech industry and competitive global business world.

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Remarkable Education

Utilizing the theories and hands-on practicum in teaching and learning, SVU cultivates a large number of professional to be adequately prepared to join cutting edge technology companies.

Reputation of Professors

At SVU, Faculty who are experts in their field industry and global business sectors, provide students with a learning environment that utilized the latest available technology in use in the work place.

The most advanced research resources

SVU also has the most advanced digital electronic library, which includes computer science and computer engineering in the research literature database – ACM, IEEE Online Journal and ProQuest, that allows students to read and study anytime.

Top teaching equipment

Full rage of Cadence computer-aided design system for integrated circuit design.

Oracle database, hardware and software.

Full set of Cisco systems network certification training environment.


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